Learning how to use the Refinitiv ET APIs and integrate them to your systems can be time-consuming and challenging for your team.

Our Refinitiv ET Adapters provide ready-to-use adapters that integrate the Refinitiv ET Platform with core banking systems in real-time.




Customized Pricing

Pricing of FX rates can be customized depending on trader segmentation and trading amount.


Real-Time Integration 

Communicates with risk management & back-office systems in real time.


Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with Refinitiv ET and target systems.


End-to-End Automation

Fully automated processes integrated with Refinitiv ET.


Real-time Monitoring

The status of Refinitiv ET Adapters can be monitored with real-time dashboards.


Logging & Advanced
Error Handling

In case any error occurs, Refinitiv ET Adapters log errors in details, retry performing failed operation to solve the error, and notify users via email.

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  • Integrates rate flow into the bank channels and provides a user interface to handle RFQ processing.
  • Checks credit limits and account balances of customers before a transaction is approved.
  • Exports deal data from Refinitiv ET to any target system for recording, auditing, analysis, and other purposes.
  • Updates/cancels deals on Refinitiv ET without having to use ET front-end.
  • Provides a user interface where users can create custom reports with Refinitiv ET data for audit trials.
  • Provides a user interface where users can use admin functionalities of Refinitiv ET.
  • Enables monitoring of the net position according to aggregated low volume deals of bank’s channels and provides liquidity by automatic back to back transactions with other banks if the position exceeds a threshold value or drops below stop-loss amounts.