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Most of the treasury departments are suffering from complex integration projects with financial data providers. Our solutions offer simple, reliable, and secure integration adapters that let organizations integrate market data with their systems.


What We Offer

Real-time market data integration:
Seamlessly integrate real-time market data into target systems, providing financial institutions with a holistic view of market movements and enabling informed decision-making.

Rate Distribution & Publishing:
The FintechBox’s solutions facilitate efficient rate publishing and distribution, ensuring that calculated rates are disseminated accurately and in a timely manner to support critical financial operations.

Back-office efficiency and automation:
Automate back-office tasks, such as integration of trading tickets, FX rate calculation, and distribution, to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize human error.

About The FintechBox

The FintechBox specializes in real-time market data and system integration solutions. Our financial data integration solutions optimize corporate treasury and risk management operations by seamlessly integrating real-time market data, post-trade data, and deal data to target systems. Our fintech solutions help organizations improve back-office efficiency and automation, as well as enable monitoring and reporting for auditing and regulatory compliance. Our platform-independent products offer fast, secure, and reliable infrastructure to access worldwide financial data.


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Why The FintechBox ?


Platform & Data Vendor Independent Solutions

Works on any operating system and with any data vendor of your choice.


Reduced Costs

Our ready to use integration products provide fast, easy and cost efficient data integration.


Increased Efficiency

Automate your processes and improve the efficiency of your teams.


Zero Downtime

Our high available products eliminate single points of failure.


Minimized Risk

Approval workflows reduce the risk of error-prone tasks.


Easy Monitoring

Track your processes with customized dashboards and graphs.

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